The Brooches and bowls

The “married metal” process is one in which areas of a primary metal (for me, usually bronze) are cut out and contrasting metal pieces (nickel, high karat golds) are fitted into those spaces as though constructing a puzzle.

When the fabrication process is complete, surface coloration with chemicals begins. This is called “patination” and there are thousands of recipes, ancient to modern, plus many modes of application. I have chosen to use potassium sulfide (commonly called liver of sulphur). The effect one achieves with a chemical is not always predictable or reproducible. Factors that influence the outcome include the kind of water, temperature and strength of the solution, surface finish of the metal, oxides established in the soldering process, and karma. While I allow the metal and chemical to have their say, I am nevertheless free to remove color, layer it, or manipulate it in any way I can. I become the director of a little play.


Each of these pieces is one-of-a kind.  They vary in size, but generally are 2" or smaller. The materials also vary and may include 22K, 18K, 14K gold; bronze and nickel.  Contact the artist for prices.